Healthy Brain

Healthy mind requires healthy body

1.  Getting enough sleep is necessary as during the sleep we repair and nourish our brain.

2.  Engage in social activities, be more positive.

3.  Learn a new language and continue with educating yourself.  As learning has demonstrated reduce incidence of Alzheimer’s.

4.  Be mentally active with your hands.  Having hobbies and or fixing simple household items can be beneficial.

5.  Exercise regularly as studies have shown regular exercise reduces the incidence of dementia.  Exercise also reduces the chance of obesity which is helpful to improve cardiovascular function.

6.  Diet rich in curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric has shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the bloodstream.  Which in return reduces the buildup of plaques leading to Alzheimer’s dementia.

7.  Be heart healthy.  Avoid having blood pressure, avoid getting diabetes, lower your cholesterol as these can increase the rate of stroke and heart attack.

8.  Reduce your stresses as increasing stress increases serum cortisol level which further troubles and reduces delayed memory recall.  In addition stress can lead to anxiety and depression.

9.  Mediterranean diet plus–D ASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) or diet intervention for neurodegenerative delay consists of 3 servings of whole grains, 2 portions of at least one vegetables, nuts, lean protein preferably fish and chicken, berries and a glass of wine per day
10.  Drinking green tea in combination with Acacia honey

11.  Treat obstructive sleep apnea with CPAP, as untreated sleep apnea will significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular mishaps.  In addition apnea results in restless sleep, nonrefreshed sleep in the morning leading to decreased cognitive function.
12.  Protect your head against any trauma.  Wear sitbelt at all times, wear proper helmets at time of bicycling or motorcycle or alike.

13. Relaxation and meditation can regulate stress hormones, lower blood pressure and overall improve ones ability to focus and concentrate more.